Overexposure to blue light is dangerous

Blue Light Radiation is the type of electromagnetic radiation that causes damage to the eyes. Blue light rays can be harmful because they can penetrate the retina and damage the rods and cone cells that process color vision. When too much blue light penetrates the retina, it may cause temporary or permanent blindness. Blue light is emitted by both natural and artificial sources. Blue light from the sun is reflected off snow, water, clouds, and ice. People who live near tall buildings, such as skyscrapers, often complain about how bright the building’s blue lighting is. Artificial light bulbs emit blue light. Some common examples are fluorescent, mercury vapor, and incandescent lamps. The average person spends over 50% of his or her life indoors. Most people spend the majority of this time in front of indoor lighting.

Absorbing the excessive blue light

Blue Cut technology rather than reflect blue light, this unique solution actually absorbs it. This prevents the wearer's eyes from being obscured by lens glare.

Visual health

Healthier eyes, prolonging a clear vision

Visual comfort

More rested eyes


Avoids the alteration of the sleep cycle hormone