Improved optics in all gaze directions

As-worn position is described as the real position, this happens when the lens is placed in front of the user’s face. To ensure the user perceives the necessary power in a progressive lens it is mandatory to consider the real position of wear. Clear considers the position of wear by including as-worn position parameters into the lens calculation. Thanks to that, Clear provides precise vision in all directions of gaze.

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Addressed to users demanding personalized progressive lens that adapts to their way of looking and to their prescription, even when using handheld devices.

Personalized lens

Superb sharpness and precision in all gaze directions thanks to Optimesh. See more benefits of this technology

Adapted to the digital world

Comfortable position when using hand held devices thanks to Digital Profile technology. See more benefits of this technology

Optimized near vision

Reading zone correctly aligned thanks to the optimization of the inset

Technologies included in

Clear Vantage

Different options of personalization adapting the lens to any wearer expectation

Digital Profile