Unparalleled visual fields

OPTICAL VANTAGE utilizes a developed unique technology that overpass the limits of existing progressive lenses.

Aberrations are intrinsic features in a progressive surface. They are perceived as blurriness by the user producing discomfort and dizziness. ClearView technology is able to reduce the unwanted astigmatism to the lowest possible providing unparalleled visual fields in the resultant progressive lens.

Swim effect minimization

Disruptive ClearView technology represents the best and authentic method to optimize lens properties. By using the real frame shape, ClearView technology pushes an important amount of blurriness out of the lens. Therefore, avoiding the dizziness feeling, commonly named as swim effect, and providing maximum comfort to the user.


Up to 20% aberration reduction

Swim effect

Swim effect minimization


Allows a more comfortable and ergonomic position


Maximum visual acuity