A complete shield against solar radiation

The only ultraprotective anti-reflective coating that, when applied to the lenses of your sunglasses, filters IR radiation, reduces the amount of light and offers a unique solution for preventing your vision from premature ageing.

Recommended to: sunglasses wearers exposed to intense amounts of light, such as in high mountains, on the beach and at Sea. Those requiring superior protection for their visual health. Specifically recommended for users at high risk of eye damage caused by sunlight.

Healthy eyes

Preventive filter against irritation and cellular ageing

Visual Comfort

Reduces the sensation of light, as it is a colored lens

Technologies included in Sun IR

Different options of personalization adapting the lens to any wearer expectation

Vantage Premium +







A unique look and clear vision for

modern sunglasses

Mirror is a multi-coating that aims to improve sunglasses aesthetics and reduce the percentage of light passing through the lens.
This multi-coatings applied to the front side of tinted lenses are compatible with anti-reflective coatings applied to the concave side, increasing comfort and avoiding back-side reflections. They have anti-static features and are compatible with all hard coatings of any refractive index commonly found in the market.


Improved aesthetics


Sun protection

Visual comfort

Glare minimization


Ad-hoc colors creation