The future of progressive lens designs is here

Thanks to new tools of surface’s optimization combined with the know-how and expertise of optical designers a new generation of progressive lens designs is here

Next generation

New philosophy of designing allows a greater control over each specific area of the lens surface thus reducing trade-offs inherent to progressive lenses


Performance in a progressive lens means the widest and clean fields of vision, means precise vision, and means efficient fields of vision. ABSOLUTE, high-performance progressive lens.

First generation

The most advanced and versatile progressive lens designs combining personalization and patented technologies that make them unique

True Vantage

Fully personalized progressive lens design taking advantage of the unique Clearview technology. True Vantage, a progressive that has a truly unique design.

Clear Vantage

Today consumers are actively demanders of personalized products. Clear considers the personalizatin as a must.

Vantage Pro

Applying innovative optimization techniques to the standard range of progressive lens designs results in the most versatile progressive lens.

User-specific lens designs
Single vision lens designs