The most advanced lens design techniques applied to single vision lenses

Thanks to new tools of surface’s optimization combined with the know-how and expertise, a new generation of single vision lens designs is here

Vantage single

The highest visual quality in single-vision lenses

Excellent visual quality for demanding users of single vision lenses

Exclusive surface optimization applied to Vantage Single design allows reducing oblique astigmatism to the minimum providing the highest level of visual acuity in all directions of gaze.

ThinMax technology

ThinMax optimization is applied to Vantage Single lens design to provide the most aesthetical single vision lens ever.

Visual acuity

The highest level of visual acuity

Personalized lens

Personalized lens considering the real position of wear thanks to OptiMesh. See more benefits of this technology


Adaptable to all types of frames


Maximum optimization of thicknesses in positive lenses thanks to ThinMax. See more benefits of this technology

A world of technologies

Different options of personalization adapting the lens to any wearer expectation.